The Rise of Coworking Spaces in Dubai

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, hybrid and remote work have evolved into highly adaptable systems. The newfound ability to work from anywhere has become the “new normal” and is receiving widespread acclaim from employees worldwide. However, securing an environment conducive to focusing on work remains a challenge.

This is where coworking spaces come in.

Coworking spaces serve as shared work environments equipped with all amenities normally available in a traditional office setting. They provide a unique platform for employees from diverse industries to work side-by-side.

Advantages Of Coworking Space

1.  Cost Saving 

It allows a good amount of cost savings as there is a shared workspace and infrastructure. With a minimum fee, one can enjoy premium office-like productive vibes. 

2. Social Isolation 

Working from home brings social isolation. A shared workplace helps to bring people from different backgrounds together and helps to increase the social circle.

3. Eliminate Distraction  

A coworking space provides separate work cubicles, common rooms, and a complete office-like environment, which helps eliminate distractions at home or anywhere else. 

4. Increase Productivity 

Coworking space helps increase productivity as they blend a range of work environments and provide an optimised environment that enhances productivity.

5. Amenities 

Alongside the basic amenities (wifi, outlets, comfortable seating), a coworking space could provide the following:

  1. Printing and scanning 
  2. Separate cabins
  3. Hot desks
  4. Meeting rooms 
  5. Video conferencing capabilities

Coworking Spaces In Dubai 

Dubai has emerged as a hub for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), with coworking spaces becoming a cost-effective solution for these smaller businesses. Over 50 coworking venues are scattered across Dubai, each providing a range of package options to cater to diverse workspace needs.

According to reports from IWG, 60% of employees in the UAE work from home or a location other than their primary office at least once daily. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by revealed that 71% of participants preferred more open and flexible workspaces.

This data represents a clear and positive shift towards coworking spaces, indicating growing acceptance and desire among professionals for these adaptive work environments.

The Best Coworking Space

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