PLATFORM50, Developed By Abu Dhabi’s NEXT50, Is A One-Stop Shop For Solutions

PLATFORM50, Developed By Abu Dhabi's NEXT50, Is A One-Stop Shop For Solutions

NEXT50‘s Introduction Of PLATFORM50

The technology startup NEXT50, located in Abu Dhabi, has introduced PLATFORM50, a one-stop shop for enterprises to optimize corporate value and manage various difficulties.

At the first-ever Executive Day for NEXT50, the news was made. The launch is in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy and the National Innovation Strategy of the UAE, both of which aim to advance innovation and cutting-edge technology to boost the national economy.

Why Was PLATFORM50 Created?

To help enterprises accelerate the adoption of AI, advanced analytics-based solutions, and automation to achieve their growth and sustainability objectives, PLATFORM50 was created.

The company said that by utilizing data insights to enable efficient digital transformation, the PLATFORM50 unlocks cost efficiencies and grants access to sophisticated real-time analytics. It also said that its data scientists and subject matter experts could rearrange data to use it to achieve corporate objectives.

Statement of NEXT50‘s CEO

Ibrahim Al Mannaee, CEO of NEXT50, stated that the use of AI, machine learning, and data in organizations has the potential to revolutionize industries supported by deep industry experience. AI’s contribution to the UAE’s economy and industry sectors will increase by 34 percent annually, significantly influencing the development of the country’s non-oil industries. To speed up this change, the UAE needs a cloud-agnostic, future-proof platform with full lifecycle management to take advantage of this $96 billion opportunity.

Improving the Industrial Sector

“AI-powered processes and data-driven insights are transforming traditional value chains and building new business models in Industry 4.0,” according to Mr. Ussama Dahabiyeh, CEO of Injazat.

The creation of digital-first solutions like PLATFORM50, which combines NEXT50’s industrial experience with the promise of data-driven AI approaches to change the highly dynamic platform economy, is required due to the disruptive potential of these technologies.

According to Mr. Naim Yazbeck, General Manager at Microsoft UAE, The PLATFORM50 introduction is highly suitable and will aid the industrial sector in improving operational capabilities by employing new technologies, speeding up processes, and becoming more adaptive to changes in the future, allowing precision AI-based decision-making. Microsoft is pleased to assist NEXT50 on this significant journey by using Azure Data & AI Services and Microsoft Commercial Marketplace as an expansion engine for worldwide reach & ecosystem partnerships.

About NEXT50

Industrial AI solutions are being implemented at NEXT50 to provide actual value to their clients. To increase the effectiveness, precision, and profitability of the industries they deal with, their team converts the intricacies of operations, production, and maintenance into practical outcomes.

Their capabilities in artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and automation offer their customers a clear and quantifiable competitive advantage, whether implementing sector-specific use cases, deploying technology, or redesigning operating models to drive better, faster decisions.

Their strategy guarantees that their clients have a committed team at their side, utilizing knowledge from their sector-leading practices and a solid data platform to give comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique business requirements.