Dhaka Considers Sending Medical Professionals To Saudi Arabia


New Chance For Bangladeshi Medical Professionals

DHAKA: An initial agreement was reached during a Bangladesh-Saudi Arabia Joint Commission meeting in Riyadh. According to an official statement, Bangladesh is looking for a new chance to send its medical professionals to Saudi Arabia.

The Broad-Based Cooperation

On October 30 and 31, the joint commission held its 14th session, focusing on broad-based cooperation, including in the energy, labour, security, investment, and health industries.

The two nations decided to establish a task force to improve energy cooperation and a business council to increase trade during the meeting.

An Executive Programme To Bring Bangladeshi Medical Professionals

They decided to start an executive programme to bring Bangladeshi medical professionals into the Kingdom, according to Dr Mohammad Javed Patwary, Bangladesh’s envoy to Riyadh and permanent representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from Bangladesh will be able to work in the Kingdom under this programme.

He continued, “A significant development took place on this point.

He wishes for a rapid progression of this programme. He anticipates that the deal will be signed soon because it is almost complete.

According to data from Bangladesh medical professionals, about 2.5 million Bangladeshi expat workers live in the Kingdom, but only about 50 clinicians.

The Benefits of the Programme for Both Nations

Given the high calibre of medical equipment in Saudi clinics, Dr Ehteshamul Huq Choudhury, secretary general of the medical association, believes that increasing that number would not only improve the Kingdom’s health sector but also improve the Kingdom’s workforce in the health sector and investment in the calibre of Bangladeshi medical professionals.

According to Choudhury, sending medical professionals to the Kingdom will result in mutually beneficial situations for both nations. Modern medical technology is extensively used in the Kingdom’s hospitals. Bangladeshi medical professionals’ skills will undoubtedly improve using this cutting-edge equipment.

They will eventually be able to help the people back home in Bangladesh when they return with these skills.

Medical Professionals and Graduates in Bangladesh

Since thousands of medical graduates in Bangladesh are jobless despite having high education levels, employment abroad would also help them keep their profession.

Many of the doctors who graduate from Bangladesh’s more than 100 medical schools have earned master’s degrees, as have many nursing school graduates. However, there is not enough room for everyone in the country’s health system.

According to Choudhury, there are currently 123,000 trained nurses and 110,000 registered doctors nationwide. 40,000 of them work in the public health system as doctors. The remaining individuals either work in the private sector or are not employed.

He said he knows there are presently 30,000 or so unemployed doctors. Additionally, he said that the knowledge and abilities of these medical professionals would deteriorate if they stayed unemployed for an extended period.

How Many Medical Professionals to Be Sent to Saudi Arabia?

Demand would determine how many medical professionals Bangladesh could send to Saudi Arabia.

According to Choudhury, Saudi Arabia needs qualified medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and health technologists. These shortages are currently evident worldwide, including in the UK, Australia, etc.

They can send as many medical professionals and nurses as the Kingdom requires because they have a large pool of trained personnel.