Unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding

How did you know you were pregnant while breastfeeding, Is getting pregnant while breastfeeding dangerous?? What happens if an Unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding?I got pregnant while breastfeeding. Signs of pregnancy in the lactation period. Just don’t be worry and congratulations! A baby is on its way and the whole magic of pregnancy begins again. It will be exciting if you are currently still breastfeeding. In this case, completely new questions suddenly arise that you did not even ask yourself during your pregnancy before.

Unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding

In general, breastfeeding can be fertile again relatively quickly after birth. In some cases, ovulation occurs shortly after the end of the menstrual flow. In other women, the desire for children remains unfulfilled for a long time during the breastfeeding period.

Unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding

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Desire to have children during the breastfeeding period

Your baby is here, it is growing and thriving and seems to grow up much too fast. In many mothers, the desire for the next child awakens. Whether it is still fulfilled during the breastfeeding period varies greatly.

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Signs of pregnancy in the lactation period

First ovulation, then menstruation – sometimes the first fertile cycle is the one that leads to another pregnancy. Unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding. How do you notice this as a pregnant woman? A lack of menstruation is a sure sign of pregnancy in this case.


In principle, pregnancy tests also work during the breastfeeding period. Many mothers also notice that their nipples become more sensitive. The milk often decreases noticeably during pregnancy. Some babies then stop breastfeeding; others like to continue breastfeeding “dry”. In addition, there is often a ravenous hunger!


Is it dangerous to get pregnant while breastfeeding?

In principle, many studies prove that breastfeeding is safe during pregnancy. Nevertheless, you should consult your gynecologist or midwife in advance.

Breastfeeding is often advised as a precautionary measure, for example, to protect the unborn child or the mother or to ease the transition to non-breastfeeding before the birth of a sibling. Some nursing mothers experience unusual aggression towards their breastfeeding baby or become particularly sensitive at the nipples. In many pregnancies, milk production decreases, sometimes it comes to a complete standstill. Some breastfeeding babies therefore, lose interest in breastfeeding, while others very consciously demand further breastfeeding and continue to breastfeed “dry”.


If you wish to continue breastfeeding and the pregnancy is intact and proceeding without problems, there is basically nothing to be said against continuing breastfeeding. As you may remember from your puerperium, breastfeeding can trigger or encourage contractions. If you feel the contraction, please contact your gynecologist or midwife directly.


As in the previous pregnancy, a good supply of folic acid is necessary. In consultation with the midwife or your gynecologist, you can also take other dietary supplements such as zinc or iron if necessary. Drinking enough, a healthy and balanced diet – more is usually not necessary to ensure that the fetus, nursing child and mother are well cared for.

Contraception during the lactation period

You can use hormonal contraception with progestin products, such as the minipill. Typical estrogen products – almost all other pill models, the contraceptive patch and the vaginal ring – have a negative effect on milk production, and are not prescribed when breastfeeding. Your gynecologist will be happy to discuss the right contraceptive method with you in detail.


Condoms have proven to be effective in barrier methods – as already mentioned above. What is important here: There are special lubricating gels designed for use with condoms which preserve the protective function of the condom.

Tandem breastfeeding after the birth of the second child

In principle, you can breastfeed a newborn immediately just after the birth and, as soon as you wish, your older breastfeeding kid as well. Your breast milk starts to adjusts itself exactly to your newborn baby. This means that your milk is particularly nutritious and full of everything your newborn baby needs. Your breastfeeding older child benefits from this, of course, and some experience a real.

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However, it is possible that the amount of milk may only be enough for one child. Therefore, the following rule applies to tandem breastfeeding:

  • The newborn baby may drink first.
  • Once his hunger is satisfied, the older nursing child may also drink.
  • Some mothers give every nursing child “his” breast, others prefer to change through. If you are unsure, it is best to discuss this with your midwife or a lactation consultant.


Typical questions and answers about Unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding

Can I become pregnant while breastfeeding?

Yes, if you do not want to get pregnant again immediately with the first cycle, you should use contraception. There are several ways to do this:

Progestogen hormone preparations, such as the minipill

Barrier methods, such as condoms or diaphragm

Overall, fertility during the lactation period is rather lower. Nevertheless, the desire to have children can come about much more quickly than expected if contraception is not used.


Can I continue breastfeeding when I am pregnant again?

As a rule, there is no reason why you should not continue breastfeeding during pregnancy.

If you have already experienced miscarriages or are prone to heavy, premature labour, it may be advisable to stop breastfeeding. Your gynecologist will discuss this directly with you. In general, however, the oxytocin released during breastfeeding does not affect the uterus until the baby and mother are ready for delivery.


How can I become pregnant again while breastfeeding?

It varies how quickly mommies can become pregnant again while breastfeeding. If you have been “practicing” for some time, consciously weaning during the night could increase her fertility. Sometimes larger intervals between individual breastfeeding meals are sufficient. If it doesn’t work at all and fertility treatment is on the cards, you should stop breastfeeding first.


Breastfeeding during pregnancy – does my baby get enough nutrients?

During pregnancy, the growing fetus is first supplied with all the important nutrients. Next, it is your turn to breastfeeding your baby by continuing to perfectly combine your breast milk – and only then does your body make sure that you too are physically fit.

As an Unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding┬ánursing pregnant woman, you should therefore treat yourself to a good, balanced, and nutritious diet – and plan for breaks. If necessary, your gynecologist will discuss folic acid, zinc, iron, and other dietary supplements with you.

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