Twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler

You have recently had a baby and you are breastfeeding a toddler. And want to know about twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler. But something seems a little different. This time you are beginning to notice symptoms similar to those of your pregnancy.

And good news: You might be get pregnant again while breastfeeding a toddler

Some women believe that they cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding, but that is a fallacy. It can be a little more difficult to get pregnant while breastfeeding, but many babies are conceived when their mother breastfeeds her brother or sister. Pregnancy symptoms during breastfeeding are real.

Get Pregnant with twins while breastfeeding toddler

Congratulations, they are twins! There is nothing to worry If you get pregnant with twins and querious to know twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler.  Most expectant mothers who hear this statement first get a felt heart attack before the joy finally outweighs. Now a time begins, in which so some becoming mother-to-be worries much about its new generation, about the birth and about the time afterward. But by no means are all of them justified. That is why you will find here the answers to the most important questions about twin pregnancy.

Twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler

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Probability of a twin pregnancy while breastfeeding

The mathematical probability of a twin birth increases the older the woman is at the time of pregnancy since the follicle-stimulating hormone FSH means that with increasing age, two eggs often mature simultaneously. Therefore, these are almost always fraternal twins. If twins have already been born in the family, the probability of having fraternal twins is correspondingly higher. Births of identical twins are pure coincidence, and other twin births within the family do not play a role. Hormone treatments for infertility also influence the development of twin pregnancies.

Worldwide about every 40th birth is a twin birth – in Europe about every 70th birth.

Of all twins, about 70% are fraternal and 30% are identical. It was also found that multiple births are increasing in rich countries.

Twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler

Pregnant with the double pack while breastfeeding a toddler or weaning! A twin pregnancy has many special features, such as a correspondingly high weight gain or a comparatively large uterus. Also, the time after the pregnancy needs to be planned. Find here all information about pregnancy and the birth of twins!

How does a twin pregnancy develop?

If two eggs mature simultaneously in a woman’s body, it is possible that both are fertilized. In the case of identical twins, the fertilized egg divides into two halves during pregnancy. Both parts carry the same genetic information. This is why identical twins look so similar and usually have the same – sex – especially and above all rarely: For every 85 births in this country, there is only one birth of twins. And of all German twin children, only about a quarter is identical twins.


In fraternal twins, two different egg cells are fertilized independently of each other. In theory, fraternal twins could even have different fathers. The older a woman is, the more likely she is to have a twin pregnancy. It also plays a role in whether there are already twins in the family. If so, then the probability is increased that the pregnant woman herself also expects multiple births.


In the case of artificial insemination, twin pregnancy or even a pregnancy with triplets is more common, because the respective pregnant woman always receives several fertilized eggs, several of which can survive. In the case of artificial insemination, the woman must always be prepared for the possibility of being pregnant with multiple babies.

Special possible twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler

The first sign of a possible pregnancy while breastfeeding a toddler with twins is a rapid increase in body weight of the expectant females. A midwife or gynecologist will typically find that the uterus is comparatively big. However, this can hardly be observed without much practice.


However, only an ultrasound examination can confirm this pregnancy. Twins can be detected by ultrasound as early as the 6th week of pregnancy. However, in this early stage of pregnancy,  there is an increased risk that one of the embryos will be rejected. This is a completely natural process, which often happens as a precautionary measure to ensure the life of the remaining embryo and to optimize its supply of nutrients.


Women who are carrying a twin pregnancy while breastfeeding a toddler are not only twice as lucky but also twice as heavy because the belly carries two babies around. This becomes clearly noticeable as the pregnancy progresses. The belly increases significantly in circumference and it is possible that the skin tears more and more and the so-called stretch marks appear.

Most pregnant women who have a twin pregnancy are often referred to a gynecologist to check that everything is okay in the abdomen and that the babies are doing well. Sometimes these examinations have to be carried out on an outpatient basis by a doctor in a hospital because other examination methods are used there and abnormalities can be detected more easily.

Are there any signs of twin pregnancy: How do I know that I am pregnant with twins?

When can I find out if you are pregnant with twins or triplets? Can you really tell if you are pregnant with twins? Some evidence may indicate that you have a multiple pregnancies: e.g. higher HCG levels in the blood some complain of earlier and more severe nausea (I cannot confirm this, I have never felt nauseous).

In our detailed pregnancy calendar for twin pregnancies,  we answer the other most important questions!

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Time of detection

Although the cliché from television is quite common, it is relatively uncommon in practice for twins to be diagnosed at an advanced stage of pregnancy. Usually, the gynecologist can tell from the sixth week of pregnancy whether there are one or two embryos. However, it is important to be aware that there may only be one child, as often one of the two embryos dies before it can develop properly.

Additional pregnancy tests

Since a multiple pregnancies is always considered a high-risk pregnancy, you will be controlled much more closely than other pregnant women. Depending on your doctor, you will have a check-up every two to three weeks, in the last third of the pregnancy you will have a check-up every week or so. If you have more than two children, the intervals can be shortened even further. If your pregnancy is progressing normally, you will have four to six ultrasound examinations. Regular examinations with the Doppler ensure that both children receive optimal care. That’s why you don’t have to worry about your children – with your gynecologist and midwife you will certainly be in good hands.

Possible abnormalities in pregnancy with identical twins

A rare medical complication can occur, for example, during pregnancy with monozygotic babies: In the case of the so-called fetofetal transfusion syndrome, identical twins share a common placenta (monochromatic twin pregnancy). The connection of placental vessels with the fetal blood circulation can lead to an unequal exchange of blood between the unborn babies – the first child gives off blood, the second absorbs it. Severe circulatory and nutritional disorders are the results.

If, in addition to the placenta, the babies also share a common amniotic cavity (monochorial and monoamniotic), an even rarer complication can occur: Since the unborn babies do not live in separate amniotic cavities but in a common one, there is a risk that the umbilical cord of the first child wraps around the neck of the second. This would be life-threatening for both twins. Such children should be fetched with a planned cesarean section from about the 32nd week of pregnancy.

In the case of a monochorial and/or monoamniotic fetus constellation, it is therefore advisable to visit the gynecologist every 14 days.

By the way, fraternal twins each have their own placenta and amniotic cavity.

Symptoms of twins pregnancy

There are some typical twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler, which (can) occur more frequently in pregnancy with twins

  • constant tiredness due to hormonal changes
  • High blood pressure
  • stretch marks & varicose veins
  • gestational stenosis (pregnancy poisoning)
  • Shortness of breath (the diaphragm is squeezed)
  • constant urge to urinate (I had to go to the toilet all the time, at night I found it most difficult) – the bladder simply has no room
  • increased weight gain (through 2 babies)
  • Water retention in the legs
  • Nausea

Twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler

Are you planning a pregnancy or are you just get pregnant while breastfeeding a toddler? Then you surely know that there is a certain probability that you will have twins. The probability is not very high and depends on the individual woman. Nevertheless, many pairs of twins are born every year. Would you like to know how you can tell early on whether you are expecting twins? And what to expect if the signs are confirmed? We have put together a list of things you need to know about expecting twins.

When are the chances of a twin pregnancy particularly high?

Every woman has her own probability of whether she could be expecting twins while breastfeeding a toddler. The most important influencing factor here is her own family. If you already have several cases of twin births in your family, then you might well be lucky enough to have twins. This is because of the way the eggs develop in the women in your family.


Research also shows that the age of the woman also plays a role that how older is she, the more age possible she is to have twins. And, of course, whether or not artificial insemination has been performed also has an influence. In this case, several fertilized eggs are always used to increase the chance that one will implant. Several eggs can survive and develop.

How can I recognize that I am expecting twins while breastfeeding toddler?

You can only get final certainty when you have confirmation from your gynecologist. Nevertheless, there are certain signs that could indicate that you are pregnant with twins. First of all, twins pregnancy signs symptoms while breastfeeding toddler is the weight. Since there are now two embryos, the woman also gains twice as much weight. The uterus is also particularly large, which can be noticed even by an experienced midwife. In the later stages of pregnancy, the belly also becomes larger than in a singleton pregnancy.

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