What is a twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows

Are you breastfeeding twins? It’s not a problem at all! Many expectant or newly baked twin mothers ask themselves numerous of questions about twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows. The worries are often completely groundless because breastfeeding twins are easier than you think.

twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows

The birth of twins often means not only double happiness for the parents but also double effort. The body of the mother-to-be achieves top performance even during pregnancy, and when the offspring is there, she can use all the help and support. A twin breastfeeding pillow is a great help for many twin parents when looking after their offspring, be it breastfeeding or giving a bottle, cuddling, or calming down.

Relief when breastfeeding

Breastfeeding twins is a special challenge, as putting on babies at the same time requires special care to avoid drinking problems, pain in the nipples, or tension in the back and shoulder girdle. Normal nursing pillows often do not offer enough support here because they are too short or not firm enough.

A twin breastfeeding pillow supports both babies while breastfeeding. So that the mother has her hands free and does not have to remain in a position for long time that leads to muscle tension.

Instead, she can focus on properly fitting the breast to avoid sore nipples and poor milk flow. A twin breastfeeding pillow can help to avoid or correct classic breastfeeding problems.

Practical help with feeding

But also multiple parents, who feed with the bottle, appreciate the advantages of a twin breastfeeding pillow. It means that one parent can feed both babies at the same time if they are well supported on a twin breastfeeding pillow. In this way, they can be comforted or fun at the same time.

twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows

What to look for when buying a twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows?

Twin breastfeeding pillows come in different versions and sometimes have great differences in the quality of the filling, strength, and material of the cover:

  • Filling: Twin nursing pillows are filled with either EPS (Styrofoam) pearls, foam, or natural materials such as spelling. While EPS pearls are the classic filler for nursing pillows, they do not always offer sufficient strength and support for twin nursing pillows. A model with a foam filling often does a better job here. Fillings made from natural materials are only recommended to a limited extent, as they require special care to stay in shape and to prevent mold from forming.
  • Cover: The most suitable is a removable, washable cover made of cotton.
  • Pollutants: When buying, make sure that the filling and cover are free of pollutants. Here you can not only rely on your nose, as some pollutants are completely odorless. TÜV seals or special eco-textile badges provide a more reliable guide to the quality of the materials used.
  • Additional equipment: Especially with twin breastfeeding pillows, additional elements such as back support or a Velcro fastener can be useful, as they offer even more safety and support. Twin foam nursing pillows are sometimes designed so that the material “remembers” the baby’s lying position so that they can be put on in the same position the next time they are breastfeeding.

Can you breastfeed twins?

The answer is yes. The milk production regulates itself to the required amount. So if you have two infants to feed, breast milk is produced accordingly for both. It is, therefore, a misconception that every woman produces the same amount of milk, and then it has to be “sufficient” for two children.

How do I know that my twins are getting enough milk?

The amount of milk produced is regulated according to the needs of the twins. The body quickly learns to produce enough milk. The need increases during the growth phases; the body will automatically produce more milk. If there is any doubt about the satiety, a midwife can give advice.

Can you breastfeed twins together?

It is possible. On the other hand, it can be hard to find a regular breastfeeding rhythm for both children. It is always practical to breastfeed at the same time, especially since both breasts can be emptied at the same time. But if the hunger shows up at different times, it can quickly mean that the majority of the day has to be devoted to breastfeeding. On the other hand, you can fully devote yourself to one child at a time. So it has both advantages and disadvantages.

twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows

What is a twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows? Is an ordinary nursing pillow not enough?

A twin breastfeeding pillow acts as a support when breastfeeding. It allows the twins to be well padded and breastfeeding at the same time in a position that is also comfortable for the mother. A twin breastfeeding pillow is around 2 meters long and quite wide so that both infants can be placed on it at the same time. A normal nursing pillow is usually only designed for one child and is too narrow to support both children in a well-protected manner.

Breastfeeding Problems – Where Can I Find Help?

Sometimes breastfeeding just doesn’t want to work, or problems such as inflammation of the chest develop in the first few weeks. You can get help and answers either from the midwife, from the gynecologist, on the Internet, or in special breastfeeding groups and websites such as momblaster where you can learn How Much Breastmilk Should a Newborn Eat?

How can I stimulate milk production?

The best and the easiest way to stimulate milk production are by frequent infants. It may sound stressful, but it often works wonders because demand controls supply. It can be supported by breast massages or drinking breastfeeding, which you should pay attention to the ingredients here. Fenugreek, in particular, is known for its effects. Pumping breast milk may also be another alternative to stimulate production. However, this should be discussed with a midwife or breastfeeding consultant beforehand.


Do I have a guilty conscience if I can’t or don’t want to breastfeed?

Quite clear: no! There are now many products that are very similar to breast milk and are just as nutritious and healthy. The connection to the child does not suffer from the bottle either. Feeding with finished products can also be very loving and intimate. If you choose bottle food, you can be sure that the twins are not missing anything.


Breastfeeding twins is not a problem at all if you take certain things into account. However, some things make things easier, such as a twin breastfeeding pillow. The nursing pillow for twins includes the Twinkie baby pillow, which we would like to introduce here.


Twinkies baby Pillow – what’s behind it?

In cooperation, we can present you with the nursing pillow here on Breastfeedingmy. An American twin mother invented the Twinkies breastfeeding and positioning pillow. She developed this nursing pillow and adapted it to the special needs of the twins and the nursing mother. The integrated support supports the mother’s back, while the twins can enjoy an optimal position while breastfeeding. So the breastfeeding process for babies and mothers becomes a completely relaxed togetherness.


Twinkies – The nursing pillow that has a lot to offer

The nursing pillow for twins by Twinkies can also be used before birth. It is excellent as sleep support or to relieve the back during pregnancy. Even after birth, it is not just limited to the function during breastfeeding. It can also be used to cuddle, learn to sit, or to position the twins on their back or stomach. The twin breastfeeding pillow is cuddly soft and yet relieves the body in all positions.


Twinkies breastfeeding and positioning pillow focuses on high quality

The nursing pillow is covered with a cuddly soft fabric that can be easily removed and cleaned thanks to the zip. The cover and the cushion cover are made of 100% polyester. Both cover and pillow are machine washable and washable at 60 degrees. Removing and covering the pillow is a child’s play; no long squeezing or pulling is necessary.


The siliconized hollow fiber stands for further comfort since it does not rustle as much as a filling with microbeads, which also feels much softer than conventional nursing pillows. Nevertheless, the back is optimally supported when breastfeeding, and the twins also find their perfect position in it.


The nursing pillow from Twinkie is a very good and above all practical gift for a twin birth. It makes things so much stress-free and gives the twins and their mom pure relaxation – exactly what is needed.


What should you think through when buying a twin breastfeeding pillow?

All things a baby comes into contact with should be TÜV approved. Make sure that the twin breastfeeding pillow or a twin bedding pillow has a TÜV seal.


You should pay attention to the filling of the pillow. A filling made of microbeads is recommended, which is particularly hygienic, allergy-friendly, and long-lasting. Besides, a pillow with microbeads, you can easily wash in the washing machine. Spelled grains that give off cozy warmth are also very popular, but you cannot wash it in the washing machine.

The cover of the twin Breastfeeding Pillow-twin Nursing Pillows may be often a little dirty. You should, therefore, use pillows with a zipper, where you can easily replace the cover.

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