Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not

Do you already have a child? and trying for second baby and not getting pregnant or struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnancy. If so, you will certainly be faced with several different questions during your pregnancy than first-time mothers. After all, you already have experience and live under different conditions, so that very practical questions arise such as, am I still allowed to carry my first child on my arm when I am pregnant with my second third? And do I have to wean my first child now? It will be the same in the time around the birth: Will it be similar to the previous one? What will possibly be different?

Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not

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There will also be further questions as soon as you arrive at home with the little one. We would like to provide answers to these specific questions in the following.


What is different in the second third pregnancy than in the first?

Many things will be more familiar to you now than the first time. However, every pregnancy is individual. Therefore, you may be dealing with completely different topics now than in your first pregnancy. Some of the symptoms that affected you the first time may not appear at all now.


are you Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnant. In any case, there is one new issue: you already have a child who is experiencing this change more or less consciously, depending on his or her age.


What many women find particularly beautiful about their second third pregnancy is that they can now experience everything even more intensively and consciously than the first time.


Will it harm my unborn child if I continue breastfeeding my first baby during pregnancy?

Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not

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You can also continue breastfeeding during pregnancy.Do you have an unexpected pregnancy- Know get pregnant while breastfeeding. However, you must pay attention to a healthy diet so that your child, the unborn child, and you are well supplied with nutrients. You should also not lose any more weight or gain too little weight through breastfeeding. Consult your gynecologist to find out whether you can still optimize your diet or whether there is anything that speaks against breastfeeding, such as an increased risk of premature birth. Breastfeeding can lead to uterine contractions. Therefore, if you experience abdominal pain or bleeding, you should discuss breastfeeding with your gynecologist.


Also remember that after the birth of the next child, both children will want to be breastfed, which can be physically quite strenuous for you and lead to jealousy in the older child. By the way: Don’t be surprised if your child suddenly loses interest in breast milk because of its taste changes due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Weaning before the next birth can also make sense because of the decrease in the amount of milk or the very sensitive nipples during pregnancy.

Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnant

Many couples are surprised when the second third child just doesn’t want to come, even though there may not have been any problems with the first pregnancy and it occurred quickly. But the so-called second third sterility is not uncommon. Many couples suffer a lot from it, even if there is already a child. The desire for a second third child is often as high as with the first one. We would be happy to explain to you the possible reasons for this and how you can fulfill your desire for a child after all.


The most important facts in brief while trying for pregnancy

Definition: Second third sterility occurs when a woman has already had a child at an earlier stage, but the second third pregnancy is at least one year away despite unprotected sexual intercourse. Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnant.

Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not

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Causes: Between the mid-30s and 40s, fertility changes significantly within a few years. Thus, the higher age alone can be a cause of infertility. Complications such as infections and scrapings after the first birth can also be a reason.

Treatment: First of all, the cause is determined with an exact anamnesis and various examinations. Depending on the cause, the appropriate treatment is chosen.

What are the causes while trying for second third baby and not getting pregnant?

Fertility decreases significantly with age. The chances of pregnancy in the natural cycle are average:

From the beginning of 30 years, the probability of pregnancy decreases every year. The difference in age between the conception of the first child and the second third wish for a child can play a role in this alone.


Complications with the first child, such as infections at birth or in the puerperium, placental problems, and scrapings or adhesions during a cesarean section can also be a cause of the unfulfilled desire for a child.


At the same time, various diseases may have developed after the birth of the first child, leading to problems in becoming pregnant with the second third child. Sometimes factors such as stress or lack of sleep are also involved. In couples who already have a child, sexual intercourse decreases, which can also be a reason for the unfulfilled desire for a child.

The causes are often the same while struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnant

The most important reasons of not getting pregnant:

Hormone disorders: If the hormone system is out of balance, ovulation may occur rarely or not at all. The consequence: sperm and egg cannot meet and fertilization is not possible. Even irregular ovulation can make it difficult to fulfill the desire for a child because then the fertile days are difficult to determine.

Diseases of the reproductive organs: Advanced endometriosis and newly formed myomas or polyps can lead to the fact that it does not work with the second third child.

Low sperm quality: The sperm must be fully developed and well mobile to reach their destination. If this is not the case, it may not work with the second third pregnancy. Reasons for reduced sperm quality include hormonal imbalances, changes in lifestyle, new diseases, smoking, and inflammation.

Because there are many different reasons why the second third child is not yet born, careful diagnosis is necessary. Among other things, we use a modern 3D ultrasound to trace the cause of infertility. Finally, we would like you to be able to hold your second third child in your arms soon.

Stress plays a subordinate role in getting pregnant

A common reason: the age of the mothers. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 27 percent of mothers were 35 years or older at birth. Gynecologist says that the possibility of conceiving a child is decreasing continuously, from 35 years on even quite rapidly.

Struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnant. Maybe the cause was the stress? You have to let go, don’t be so tense. It was as if you could just flip a switch and suddenly think differently. Many women who suffer from their unfulfilled desire to have children are put in the psycho-drawer. There is not a single study that proves that everyday stress plays a role in this point. Stress only indirectly influences fertility, For example, by making stressed couples sleep with each other less or by making the partners consume more pleasure poisons.

Also, sperm quality becomes worse

In some of the women affected, the unfulfilled desire for children is due to hormonal disorders. These can have very different causes. Very often the thyroid gland is to blame, Over- or under-functioning has a strong effect on fertility. Another hormone disorder, PCO syndrome (polycystic ovary syndrome), leads to an overproduction of male hormones. This disrupts the maturation of the egg cells and ovulation occurs less frequently. Inflammation or adhesions can also be a reason. After a cesarean section, for example, the operation can lead to adhesions.


Age affects fertility not only in women but also in men. The sperm quality is not always the same, with age, it also gets worse. Sometimes there are too few sperm cells, or they are too immobile. Other reasons: Injuries, such as an inguinal hernia, or inflammation can damage the spermatic ducts or the testicles.

What does the treatment look like?

In the case of struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnant, depending on the cause, the same treatments are considered for primary infertility.


In insemination, the sperm is placed directly into the uterus. This method is useful if the sperm quality is so low that the sperm cannot reach the egg by themselves. Even though cervical mucus is not an indication for insemination. Your partner can collect the necessary sperm samples at home if he transports them at body temperature and for a maximum of 45 minutes. Otherwise, our separate andrology room, which offers a great deal of privacy, is also available to him. The insemination only takes a few minutes and is usually painless. Health insurance often covers part of the costs.

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With the so-called IVF, sperm and egg meet in the test tube. The embryo is then returned to the uterus. This method was used successfully for the first time in 1978 and has been developed further ever since. We are pleased to be able to offer you natural IVF in our practice. With this gentle variant of artificial insemination, we hardly interfere with the natural hormone balance. Classic in-vitro fertilization is combined with hormonal stimulation, which increases the chances of success. In this case, ovulation is triggered by a drug to remove the egg. The chances of success depend strongly on age. In 35 to 39-year-olds, they are around 35 %. If you have any suggestions for experience regarding to struggling to get pregnant with second third child but not getting pregnant, please comment or share with us.

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