Newborn Twins Breastfeeding Positions: How you can breastfeed twins?

First mothers who are expecting twins are particularly concerned about whether their milk will be enough for two babies. Also worried about Newborn Twins Breastfeeding Positions that how will they be able to breastfeed twins? You definitely don’t have to worry about that. Nature has given us women the opportunity to have two children at once, and it has also given us the ability to feed our babies. After birth, the mother is milked. As a result, there is an excess of milk in the first few days. The body does not yet know how many children it has to take care of. A short time later, the milk supply settles perfectly to the needs of the twins.

Newborn Twins Breastfeeding Positions How you can breastfeed twins

Are you Breastfeeding individually or simultaneously?

You can breastfeed your babies individually or together. If you breastfeed your babies individually, you have the great advantage that you can take care of them individually and in peace.

You will certainly also find it easier to put on. However, sooner or later, you will find yourself in a situation where both get hungry at the same time. Then breastfeeding should become a stress for you. Another disadvantage of breastfeeding individually is that you will spend much of your day breastfeeding.

If you breastfeed both babies at the same time, you can save a lot of time, and your breasts are always emptied at the same time. However, it is often difficult to create a common time for children. Especially mothers who have never breastfed often have problems at the beginning with correctly putting on two children at the same time.

One Breast for each baby?

When breastfeeding twins at the same time, the question arises whether each baby gets its own breast. At the beginning of the breastfeeding relationship, one often changes breasts with a view to stimulating milk production. You should also keep this change if one of the twins gains less or shows different drinking behaviour. If this is not the case, there are no arguments why every baby does not get its own breast.

How often do you Breastfeed Twins?

When breastfeeding, the basic principle is that demand guide’s supply and determines milk production. The chest is not like a tank that is either full or empty.

The body only forms the majority of breast milk when breastfeeding. If the breast feels empty, there is no need to worry. 

It is advisable to breastfeed the twins twelve times a day for the first few days. If the child’s drinking behaviour levels off and they thrive, six to eight meals spread over 24 hours are sufficient.

In the so-called growth phases, it happens that the babies have a greater milk requirement. This behaviour is normal in the first to second, fourth to sixth week of life and in the third to the fourth month.

Regular breastfeeding is difficult during children’s hospital stays. In this case or in the case of other problems, an electrically operated breast pump is used. With the help of this, milk production stimulated and maintained.

Remain realistic

Breastfeeding is one of the greatest experiences a young mother can have with her children. However, if you plan to breastfeed your twins, you should be prepared for a challenging task. 

What becomes time-consuming for a baby initially fills almost all day for two babies? You need help around the house or for older siblings if you want to do it. It is important that you develop a breastfeeding routine quickly so that you can get more sleep and fulfill your other duties.

A good breastfeeding relationship also requires that you make breastfeeding as easy as possible for yourself. Find a cosy place where you can always breastfeed. Put some pillows in there to support your arms and newborn babies.

Make sure, your back is well supported, as this can result in muscle tension, dislocated spines and neck or headaches. A breastfeeding pillow, especially for twins, can help you with breastfeeding.

Twins Breastfeeding Pillow 

A nursing pillow helps the mother and newborn baby to devote them completely to eating in a very comfortable position. No cramps or strenuous arm posture. The babies lie comfortably in the cosy pillow and calmly concentrate on drinking. What is good for a child can, of course not be bad for two, which is why there are twins breastfeeding pillows with which both children can be placed on the chest at the same time.

Newborn Twins Breastfeeding Positions

Be sure to find a comfortable standstill. Since you spend several hours a day and also at night breastfeeding, your neck, shoulders and back are put under extreme strain, which can lead to painful muscle tension.

If you want to breastfeed simultaneously, you can combine the normal breastfeeding position of the back grip (football posture) and the cradle grip.

There are several options for Newborn Twins Breastfeeding Positions

There are several options for breastfeeding twins at the same time:

  • Classic position: Lay both babies with their bodies and legs back, their heads resting on two pillows in the front (back grip, football grip ). The classic position for twins or children of different ages in “tandem breastfeeding”.
  • Parallel:Lay babies parallel to each other – the bodies lie in the same direction in front of mom’s stomach (Y position). A child is in the cradle attitude as a singleton before the mother’s abdomen, the other in the back handle with the head on the legs or the belly of the sibling.Newborn Twins Breastfeeding Positions-Parallel
  • They breastfeed the children in the position in which only children are breastfed. The body and legs of one baby lie to the left, the other to the right. The drawback of this technique is that the babies hamper each other with their legs and that the small bodies are not so well under control.
  • Lying down: At the same time breastfeeding while lying down (lying on your side ): The mother is lying on her side, but leaning back a little, with firm pillows or blankets in the back. One child lies on the side of the mother next to the mother, the other on the stomach face
  • Cross-over position: You hold your two babies in the cradle so that they lie stomach to stomach with you. Her legs meet in your lap and form a cross. The advantage of this breastfeeding position is that you can make eye contact with both babies. However, both children are a bit difficult to hold in the cradle.Newborn Twins Breastfeeding Positions-Cross Cradle Possition
  • Double back grip: You hold your two babies in the football position so that their legs and body point towards your back, the bellies touch your hips. The heads are on your forearms. To avoid tiring your arms, you should support yourself with several pillows.

Breastfeeding at night

Six to eight meals in 24 hours involve breastfeeding at night. I always nursed our twins while lying down, and I was able to doze while one of the boys was drinking. However, that was the only one after the other; I was never able to breastfeed lying together

Help & tips for sore nipples

Due to the increased strain on the chest, twins often get sore nipples. I was able to sing a song about that at the beginning. But with the habit and also the exercise while breastfeeding you become safer and the nipples also hardened.

  • Let plenty of air and sun come to your chest, put on black tea bags (boiled and cooled).
  • Use silk breast pads and pure wool fat as an ointment, and I personally recommend spreading your own breast milk on your nipples after breastfeeding, which helps a lot.
  • Most of the time, the sore nipples come from the wrong use when breastfeeding, which is why they often change the breastfeeding position. Above all, do not pull the wart out of the child’s mouth after drinking, but instead, create a space with the finger.

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