My husband loves to breastfeed, What is the law in Islam?

My husband loves to breastfeed, and at night my husband lifts my shirt and drinks my breast milk. Mother feeding baby and husband, what is the law in Islam?

My husband has a habit of sleeping every night, that is, to lie in my arms with my nipples to fall asleep while making love while breastfeed my milk. My husband loves to breastfeed my breast milk,Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure?

The child is almost 18 years old, but sometimes my milk will also have milk out, he is very excited, will suck the milk is not willing to lose the nipple, he so I am used to, just feel the child is big and then so can do?

My husband loves to breastfeed, What is the law in Islam

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Mother feeding baby and husband,Why does he always like to breastfeed?

The child is only three or four months; still breastfeeding, I had plenty of milk, but since My husband loves to breastfeed, the child is miserable, often because my husband sucked the milk almost; milk is not yet ready to go down, the child happens to be hungry, and as a result of sucking the milk cannot hungry wow cry.

The child is too young, the doctor said it is best to breastfeed; I do not want my son to drink formula at such a young age. I have bought a lot of yogurt for my husband from the supermarket, pure milk, also bought milk powder, but my husband is not intended to drink, My husband loves to breastfeed my milk only.

Men are like that, they love you for drinking your milk!

Mother feeding baby and husband

This situation is still not good for the child; you need to communicate with your husband, if not in front of other people to do so is okay, if this affects the family badly. You should make realize that the breast milk is only for the baby not for husband. Like that it’s not allowed in Islam.

My husband loves to breastfeed, What is the law in Islam?

According to the Sharia Consultation Advisory Board, a husband is allowed to suck on his wife’s nipple. This is even recommended to meet the biological needs of the wife, such as a husband who also wants his wife to meet his biological needs.

When, when sucking his wife’s nipple, the husband intentionally or unintentionally sucks the milk. Then it is legal.

The scholars allow this if a kind of treatment is needed. For example, if the wife has mastitis then his husband can help her but not for the regular drink. Breast Milk is only for baby not for husband.

Because adult suction is stronger than the babies, husbands are often more successful in clearing blockages that occur in the wife’s breast.

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My husband loves to breastfeed, What is the law in Islam?

However, if there is no need, the scholars in the Hanafi school of thought will disagree. There are those who say that it is permissible and there are those who insult it.

In Al-Fatawa al-Hindiyah (5/355) it is stated,

وَفِي شُرْبِ لَبَنِ الْمَرْأَةِ لِلْبَالِغِ مِنْ غَيْرِ ضَرُورقَةٍ اخْتِلَافُ الْمُتَأَخِّرِينَ كَذَا فِيْةُُ

“Regarding the law on drinking women’s milk, for men who are already baligh (adult) without any urgent need, including a case disputed by ulama recently. That is the information in al-Qunyah, “

As for Fathul Qadir (3/446) mentioned questions and answers,

“Can I breastfeed as an adult? Some say you can’t. Because milk is a part of the human body, so it should not be used unless there is an urgent need. “So it’s better to avoid drinking wife’s breast milk.

So, it can be concluded that the husband should take a more appropriate attitude by trying not to drink his wife’s breast milk. This is because there are still disputes between the scholars and actions that diverge human nature.

Is it true that the husband will become the wife’s daughter or son if he drinks her breast milk?

The case of a husband drinking wife’s breast milk accidentally can occur when he is having intercourse; the husband stimulates the wife’s breast by sucking it and accidentally swallows breast milk. Then how is the law for a husband to drink his wife’s breast milk in Islam? Is that allowed or not? Here’s the answer.

Reporting from the Time page, an unnamed breastfeeding mother shared her experience with her husband who wanted to continue asking for breastfeeding. So, does the law of a husband to drink his wife’s breast milk make him, a brother as sister as his own child?

The law is that a husband should drink his wife’s breast milk, will he become the sister of the child?

Ibn Qudamah in his book al-Mughni, said that a husband who drinks the wife’s breast milk does not make him a mahram for his wife or a brother’s sister to the child. Because the law of sisterhood is only applies if the child who is breastfeeding is under 2 years of age. This opinion is supported by the majority of jurisprudence experts.

Allah SWT. said in Surah al-Baqarah verse 233, “Mothers should breastfeed their children for two full years, that is for those who want to complete breastfeeding.”

Al-Baghawi said in Tafsir al-Baghawi, that two years is the limit for breastfeeding a child. This shows that after two years the law of breastfeeding does not apply.

So in this case the husband cannot become the daughter of the wife and then damages the marriage bond.

So in this case the husband cannot become the daughter of the wife and then damages the marriage bond.

This is also confirmed in a hadith narrated by Bukhari:

From Aisyah RA that one day the Prophet Muhammad SAW entered the house beside him there was a man. Then his face seemed to change as if he didn’t like it.


Soon, Aisyah said, “He is my sister.” Then Rasul SAW. chimed in, “Look at who your siblings are. Because in fact, that one thousandth is due to hunger. ”


This can mean that only babies are breastfed because they are hungry because they cannot eat solid foods. Based on this hadith, Imam Malik in Muwaththa ‘argues that the law of breastfeeding does not apply to the husbands who only want to feel their wife’s breast milk without any clear need.


Therefore, drinking the wife’s breast milk does not change the husband’s status to become the daughter of the wife’s breastfeeding nor does the marriage have to be automatically dissolved on the pretext that the husband has become her mahram.

Regarding to My husband loves to breastfeed, What is the law in Islam? above are the only author’s point of view you must go to an islamic scholars and ask them what islam says on breastfeeding to husband.

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