How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me

The principle is probably as old as humanity: Mothers not only take care of their baby but also of one or more other women. In former times these women were called wet nurses; today, they are called milk donors. If you want to donate breast milk or receive donated milk for your baby, you will find out How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me what you need to know if you continue reading.

How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me

Researchers in Sweden recently found out that breast milk contains a substance that kills cancer cells within a few hours. There is no other food that is similar to breast milk in its composition and effectiveness. No researcher has yet succeeded in uncovering the exact composition. Breast milk is the best food for all babies, and even adults can benefit from it under certain circumstances – for some, it is even vital for survival: premature babies.

Donate breast milk – you should know

Every mother can probably put herself in the almost unbearable situation that her baby is born too early and fights for survival in an incubator. In this situation, breast milk can make a decisive difference between living and dying.

Why donate breast milk for other people’s babies?

Because premature babies not only tolerate breast milk better: breast milk also prevents dangerous intestinal diseases and other infections and thus increases the chance that the baby will survive. Breast milk contains valuable nutrients and immune cells and has again been proven to accelerate the maturation of the intestinal wall in premature babies.

How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me

Premature birth is also an exceptional physical and psychological situation for mothers, and so breastfeeding often does not work out in the beginning. Milk production first gets going and it without the help of a sucking baby at the breast, because the youngest babies are almost always too weak for this. And this is precisely where the donated milk comes into play. How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me? Donating breast milk is no different from donating blood: You save lives with it.

Who can donate breast milk?

And just like donating blood, only healthy, examined mothers are allowed to donate breast milk. This means that when you register to donate breast milk, you will first be asked some questions about diseases and lifestyle. For example, the doctors will make sure that there is no alcohol, medication or excessive caffeine in the donated milk.

How can you donate breast milk?

How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me? If you want to donate milk, you must first be examined for infections because these could put a strain on the milk. Dairy banks only accept healthy mothers who have not yet stopped breastfeeding. Their babies should also be under six months old or even better under four. The composition of this breast milk is ideal for premature babies. In most cases, the minimum quantity is also required. You will also have to undergo a blood test. This helps to rule out infectious diseases.

How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me

The question of health problems and taking medication is also part of the preparations. Other typical questions from the dairy bank: Do you drink more than two glasses of alcohol a day? How much caffeine do you take per day? This is to ensure that the milk donated is safe for the babies in need.

How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me

Once all preparations are made, breast milk donors can pump their milk directly at the hospital or do it at home. Some hospitals also offer a pick-up service. But: Fresh and untreated breast milk can only be fed within a maximum of 72 hours. Pasteurization of the milk means that it can be used for longer.


When can I donate breast milk?

Because donated milk is used almost exclusively for premature babies, the donation should also be made as early as possible, preferably shortly after delivery. Detailed documentation and labelling of the donated milk ensure that a baby receives milk from the same donor mother every time. Ideally, the age of your baby should be similar to that of the baby receiving the donated breast milk. This is because the composition of breast milk changes with your baby’s development and needs.


How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me? The exact requirements for donating breast milk vary from clinic to clinic. Sometimes you can pump at home, but often this takes place directly on site.

What happens to the milk I give?

A small part of the milk is always taken for examination, and the rest is shocked frozen.

In more and more breast milk banks, pasteurization of breast milk is avoided wherever possible. During pasteurization, the milk is heated to over 60°C for a more extended period. Although this kills off all potentially harmful bacteria and fungi, valuable nutrients and essential bacteria cultures are also lost. If you have already pumped milk for your own baby and later reheated it, you probably know that this should be done as gently as possible, i.e. without a microwave and a cooking pot.

What are the reasons against Donating breast milk?

I don’t know of any reasons that speak against donating breast milk. Of course, you should only donate if you have enough surplus milk. Your own baby always comes first.

There are, of course, medical reasons against donating breast milk. Women who suffer from infectious diseases are, of course, not allowed to donate breast milk. However, the clinics check this in advance anyway and also again after receiving the milk.

How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me?

Until a few decades ago, breast milk banks were widespread in Germany. However, the spread of the HI pathogen (AIDS) and the high-cost structures, in particular, has ensured that more and more hospitals have decided not to establish breast milk banks. This is because health insurance companies do not pay for the supply of breast milk. The necessary tests and storage make a breast milk bank a costly affair for the clinics.

Where can I donate breast milk for money near me?

You can donate breast milk to breast milk bank near you for free or for money. Many hospitals are accept breast milk donation. It’s just like donating blood. In the GDR, however, they were still somewhat more widespread than in the West. But the old federal states have also been experiencing a comeback of breast milk banks since 2012. The federal state of Lower Saxony is playing a pioneering role here: in 2016, the state parliament passed a bipartisan resolution to set up a breast milk bank, and the state is funding three locations.

Demand is high throughout Germany, while supply is minimal in comparison. 

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Breast milk donation received: What you should know.

How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me

Is there donated breast milk for my baby?

If your baby is born prematurely and there is a possibility that he or she is receiving donated breast milk, the doctors will undoubtedly let you know? You have to give your consent beforehand, and this will not happen without your permission. The alternative, if you cannot pump your own milk, is to use artificial milk powder. This is not nearly as valuable for your baby’s health. Only with breast milk, it has the ideal survival conditions.


Newborns born after the 32nd week of pregnancy usually do not receive donated breast milk, because the capacities and financial means of hospitals are not sufficient for this.


How does my baby get the donated milk?

Most babies are too weak at the beginning to absorb breast milk themselves through the suckling process. Especially the coordination of the processes – sucking, swallowing, breathing – is not as intuitive as with babies born on time. Therefore, most premature babies receive their food through a stomach tube. It is totally normal and there is no cause for concern.


Also, if possible, your baby will get milk from a mother whose baby was not much older than your own at the time of delivery. This way, the composition of the milk corresponds as closely as possible to what your baby needs.


How is the quality checked?

The milk comes, as described above, only from healthy women with very young babies. These women were often in a similar situation and would like to help other mothers with premature babies. Because the expense allowance for the donating mothers is minimal (about 6€ / litre of breast milk), you can assume that these women send their breast milk to help – not to harm or to make money.


Nevertheless, How to get donated breast milk donating or donation near me? Breast milk is subject to strict controls, and you can be relatively sure that your baby will not be infected with severe disease.


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