How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me?

Mother’s Breastfeeding is the best thing for your newborn baby. This is well known. But what if you can’t breastfeed or produce too little milk? or you have excessive milk then How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me? Then the so-called breast milk bank could be impressive for you. But what exactly is it? And where can you find it?

How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me

Breast milk bank: what is it?

The best food for newborn babies is breast milk. This is because it contains nutrients and antibodies that are vital for its development. Premature babies in particular benefit from the ingredients of the body’s own milk. But especially with premature babies, it can happen that mothers cannot breastfeed. What then? The next best solution: pasteurized donor milk from a breast milk bank.

How does that work?

How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me? Dairy banks provide women with sterilized bottles and labels, and sometimes with breast pumps. But it can also be pumped at home. The milk from each mother who sell there is then processed separately. Now the milk is tested and pasteurized. This is done to destroy all bacteria. Once all this is done, the valuable breast milk can be given to babies who need it. This offer is interesting for mothers, for example, who want to feed their babies naturally and therefore refuse substitute food. But for mothers of premature babies, too, these breast milk banks have been available in Germany for several years.

How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me?

Only healthy women whose child is not older than four months can be considered for selling or as donors. Anyone wishing to sell or donate milk must undergo regular check-ups and undertake not to take any medicines, alcohol, cigarettes or other addictive substances during the breastfeeding period. The respective conditions should come into question women however best with the nut/milk bank in its region coordinate.


Breast milk bank near me : Where do you find these banks? 

How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me?

In the past, the use of breast milk banks was widespread. Until the 1970s, they were connected to many hospitals. In the GDR, for example, there were about 60 collection points for breast milk until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. When HIV appeared in the 1980s, many collection points were closed. The dangerous virus was transmitted via breast milk and stoked the fears of many women.


According to the “European Milk Bank Association” (EMB), there are only 15 children’s hospitals in Germany today that have a breast milk bank. These are located almost exclusively in the new federal states, as well as one in Munich and one in Dortmund. The reason: Breast milk banks have become involved and above all, expensive. This is due to the high hygienic standards associated with the processing of the milk. Many clinics, therefore, do without them.

How much can you sell breast milk? Milk bank as a safe alternative

Mothers with too much milk can offer it in breast milk banks. How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me? They are usually connected to pediatric clinics and are strictly controlled. The breast milk provided here is, unlike in breast milk banks, in etiologically examined and sterilized in the same way as a blood donation. Milk from mother’s milk banks is used free of charge to care for children who were born prematurely or are considered to be high-risk newborns. Unfortunately, the demand in Germany is very high and cannot be covered so far.

The issue of costs

But the costs are not only high for the hospitals. Mothers from outside who want to buy breast milk also pay a lot for it: about 50 euros per litre. Here too, the costly examinations are to blame. However, women who are cared for in the clinic with premature or sick babies receive milk from other mothers free of charge.


By the way, there is a small expense allowance for women who donate their breast milk. In the largest German breast milk bank at the University Hospitals in Leipzig, for example, one litre of breast milk costs 6.82 euros. Most women who donate their surplus breast milk only want to help others anyway and don’t look at the money. 

Breast Milk Exchange: Buy breast milk online?

Those who do not want to give so-called powdered milk will sooner or later end up on online exchanges for breast milk. On these and of course, in particular groups in the social media, supply and demand take place. Women with surplus milk can offer their milk here – free of charge or for money. Breast milk can be sent by mail, but most platforms are designed to create a regional exchange and avoid long transport routes.


Infections, active ingredients, pollutants: these are the risks

In contrast to breast milk banks, there is no control at breast milk exchanges. So if you order milk, you must be aware that the milk may not be hygienically safe. There must be a clean pumping, proper storage and cooling. This is the only way to preserve essential nutrients and prevent bacteria from getting in. Of course, pumping mothers are advised of these things. But the responsibility for this lies solely with them and the buyers!


Another problem is infections that can be transmitted via breast milk. These include hepatitis and HIV or AIDS. If the donor is taking medication, there could be active substances in the milk, just like those of tobacco and alcohol. All this could harm your child. Of course, you can have the milk tested, or you can have the donor show you the results of the blood test from the pregnancy. However, this does not guarantee clean milk and the risk of a health hazard is relatively high!

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Another disadvantage is the age difference of the babies. Breast milk is produced in such a way that it has the nutrients for the baby at the appropriate age. If the donor has an older child, your baby may lack certain nutrients.

Beware of milk banks on the net!

The small number of mother’s milk banks in Germany naturally brings with it a problem. The demand is greater than the supply. How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me? Therefore, some women look for other ways to obtain donated breast milk. One of them is file-sharing in social networks. They now represent a new opportunity for private trade. In the USA, for example, personal trading of breast milk in online exchanges is prevalent. In this country, the first private breast milk exchange was opened online in 2014.


The process is simple: women can use the sites to search for donors in their area or post their own offers. The advantage over the breast milk banks in clinics is both proximity and cost: women receive 100 ml of breast milk for between one and eight euros, and some women even make their milk available free of charge as a donation in the forums.


But beware of the supposed advantages! Doctors and midwives view this development very critically because of the existing health risks for the baby. The milk is not checked and tested for viruses, bacteria and co. Experts strongly advise mothers against using milk from private breast milk banks! If you have any suggestions or comment about How much can you sell breast milk for banks that pay near me? Please comment us or let us know via email.


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