How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk

Many mothers describe breastfeeding as one of the most intimate and magical moments between you and your baby. How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk? But before you know it, your little darling develops more and more interest in complementary food. But weaning is not always so easy, because Breastfeeding is for your baby food intake and cuddling at the same time.

How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk

What exactly is meant by weaning?

Strictly speaking, weaning means not only weaning from the breast but also the bottle. After all, if your baby has been given a bottle from the beginning, he or she must first slowly get used to other foods, such as baby food.

However, in the classic sense, we speak of weaning when you no longer offer your baby the breast, but alternatives such as pumped breast milk in a bottle, follow-on milk or complementary food. It happens step by step until finally, all breastfeeding units have been replaced, and the breasts no longer produce breast milk.

Weaning is a process and does not happen from one day to the next. For example, many women stop breastfeeding during the day but continue to offer the breast for a long time at night. For you, as a mother, ending Breastfeeding is also a change and the beginning of a new time with your baby.

What are the disadvantages of fast weaning or stopping Breastfeeding?

Reasons such as your illnesses, your professional situation or a drop in milk production require rapid weaning. Abrupt weaning means that all breastfeeding meals are directly replaced by solid food or infant formula. The disadvantage of this is that it may upset your baby, especially if he or she is not yet asking for solids on his or her own. Besides, it may cause digestive problems due to the change. It can also be physically uncomfortable for you, as the amount of milk is not reduced gently, and milk engorgement can occur. Then How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk?

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Weaning – what is the best way to stop breastfeeding?

Weaning slowly and replacing each breastfeeding meal step by step with a formula meal is most harmonious for you and your baby. It will take some time, but stay patient.

You should also gently prepare your child for weaning. While breastfeeding, tell him that you want to stop soon. It may not understand the words yet, but it senses your conviction and realizes that everything is okay. During the weaning process, your child will also increasingly lose interest in the breast and ask more solids. Start by giving some porridge at the mid-morning or midday breastfeeding meal.

Advantage: The baby is awake at this time of day, curious and therefore open to new tastes and substances. However, it would help if you still breastfed before, during or after at the beginning. This is the best way for your baby to digest the porridge.

With a few tips, the transition to complementary foods will go smoothly, and weaning will be a natural process:

Offer your baby the breast only when he or she asks for it.

How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk?

Try to shorten the duration of Breastfeeding. Instead of five minutes, give your baby the breast for only 3 minutes. After that, you can offer your baby a few spoonfuls of fruit porridge. Or you can start with the porridge – if he does not protest.

Replace the milk meal first, where you have the least milk anyway, and the child’s hunger is not too great. It is best to start introducing complementary feeding in the afternoon and not in the morning after a long night.

It usually takes up to a week to replace a breastfeeding meal. So you can wean entirely within three weeks.

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If you like, you can still breastfeed in the morning and evening – the milk will automatically become less. That’s when it’s more about togetherness.

However, if your child refuses to eat complimentary food and insists on Breastfeeding, it may still be too early. If possible, try to go at your baby’s pace. For the child, Breastfeeding is associated with satiety and gives him or her a feeling of affection and security.

How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk?

Usually, the breast continues to produce milk for some time after weaning, for some women for a few months, but there are women for whom this even lasts for a year or more.

Many women even have a milk-giving reflex for some time after weaning, which kicks in when they hear their baby or even another baby crying.

How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk? As long as your breast is not engorged or you can feel any hardening (milk engorgement), you do not need to do anything at this time. Your body will slowly absorb the remaining milk. Resist the temptation to “check” by occasionally stroking or pressing on the breast and nipple to see anything left. This way, you can keep milk production at a low level.

If your breast starts to tighten or you can feel any hardening, you can express just enough milk to relieve the uncomfortable tension or the congestion. Do not express more milk than necessary. Otherwise, milk production will be further stimulated. Besides, you can cool your breast. It is not necessary to limit your fluid intake, drinks according to your thirst. Restricting salt consumption has proven to be useful during weaning.

Be patient and treat your breast as described above. Just under a week is not a long time.

Have a little more patience and treat your chest as described above. Just under a week is not a long time.

What can I do to make my breast stop producing milk?

You can rub out the breast under the warm shower and cool it afterwards with cool curd wraps (250g curd per breast). Sage and peppermint tea reduce milk production and also the home. Remedy Phytolacca D4( but then do not drink peppermint tea). After a few days, it is usually better, and you do not have to do anything. The remaining milk is reabsorbed.

The breast size not be influenced in any way after Breastfeeding. Most of the time it becomes a little smaller, in a few cases, the breast remains larger.

Milk Congestion

Naturally, the amount of milk regulates itself according to demand. How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk? It means that if your baby drinks less, your breasts will automatically produce less milk. Nevertheless, milk engorgement can occur during weaning – mostly if it happens very suddenly.

Relieve or prevent breast pain during weaning by:

  • Avoiding rapid weaning and stopping very slowly.
  • Giving the breast for a short time after the formula meal.
  • Minimizing the feeling of pressure by gently massaging the breast.
  • Placing cool compresses or quark poultices on the breast.
  • Drink peppermint or sage tea, as these inhibit milk production somewhat.

When weaning, simple home remedies may be all that is needed to prevent milk engorgement. Weaning tablets that reduce the amount of milk are usually not necessary. However, if you are at risk of prolonged milk engorgement, please see your midwife or gynecologist.

Ups and downs of emotions after quickly stopping Breastfeeding

If you wean very quickly, there is a risk of depressive mood due to the sudden hormonal change. It is especially true if you have a known history of such disorders or have had postpartum depression.

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Weaning is not just a purely physical or hormonal matter. Some mothers feel relief because they now have more freedom. Still, others get a little melancholy as they hear it heralding the end of babyhood.

Replace the intense time together that Breastfeeding gave you with something new. Maybe snuggle under a blanket together and read to your sweetheart or give him a massage after a bath.

When should you not wean or Stop Breastfeeding?

How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk- mother feeding her baby daughter with yogurt

mother feeding her baby daughter with fruit yogurt

There are situations when it is not very advisable to stop breastfeeding. These include:

Food intolerance: If you feel your baby is developing an intolerance after introducing complementary foods, it is best to promptly see your pediatrician. If you or your partner suffers from a food allergy, find out from your doctor what, if anything, you need to watch out for to ensure that weaning goes off without a hitch.

Illness: If your child becomes ill, he or she will have a greater need for closeness than usual. Even if you are not entirely healthy yourself, you should refrain from changing your habits.

Change in life circumstances: Children love routines. If your living circumstances change, for example, due to a move, a plane trip or a new care situation, your little one needs to continue to rely on certain things. It could include Breastfeeding. For weaning, it’s better to choose a phase of life when things are a bit calmer.

How long after stop breastfeeding will i stop producing milk?  Weaning from the breast is a big step. Therefore, never hesitate to seek help and advice from your midwife.

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