Good foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase breast milk supply

Every mother needs special care after her birth, as well as healthy nutrition. To be able to provide her baby with the food necessary for its growth and health. It’s essential to use Good foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase breast milk supply. Most studies confirm that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for the infant as it allows for it with all the essential nutrients and gains its strong immunity against diseases and promotes the baby’s mental and physical development.

Good foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase breast milk supply

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Breastfeeding for Newborn Baby

Studies have shown that breast milk is more hygienic. Its temperature is ideal and does not need heating, and is easy to digest for the child. It’s considered the optimal and integrated food from the first days and months to. Especially the transparent material that appears in the beginnings of generating milk from the breast. 

Besides, there are many benefits of breastfeeding for a child. It also gives the mother a real opportunity to lose the weight which she gained during pregnancy so that her body can return to its previous strength before pregnancy.

Therefore, the mother is always looking for the best natural means to increase her milk during the period of breastfeeding, because she may sometimes suffer that the amount of milk is no longer sufficient to satisfy her child. What makes her decide to wean her baby prematurely? But many foods increase breast milk, along with drinks, natural methods, and this is what we will talk about in this article.


Good foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase breast milk supply for mother

Good foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase breast milk supply

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Every new mother is breastfeeding her baby, eager to eat foods beneficial to her and her baby. Still, she also fears for herself overweight, or her inability to return to her essential weight before birth, so we now offer you some snacks that are beneficial for you and your baby, which You will not increase your weight.


The diet that the mother consumes during the period of breastfeeding plays a significant role in increasing milk production or not, so some people are advised to eat certain foods and drinks because they believe that it increases breast milk. What foods and beverages are recommended to be consumed?

A consultant to breastfeeding and newborns, confirms that the functional health status of the mother and her eating a varied and balanced food is the basis for increasing the generation of milk during the period of breastfeeding, explaining that some believe that tahini is beneficial for breastfeeding, but this has not been exactly confirmed, but there are some foods And drinks that have been scientifically proven to help generate milk, including.

Good foods that increase breast milk supply

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There are several foods that a mother must eat to stimulate the mammary glands and increase the generation of breast milk, which helps in maintaining the child’s natural nutrition and feeding, including:

Good foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase breast milk supply

  1. Oats:

Oats are one of the most advised foods for increasing breast milk supply. As it contains proteins, vitamins and minerals, and a high amount of dietary fiber. Which helps you satiate for a long time, and on starchy compounds called beta-glucans that increase the concentration of the milk hormone.

Bring oats to boil in water or milk, or you can sprinkle them on many dishes that you prepare during the day, or make many recipes consisting of oats in the first place.

2. Nuts: 

Raw unsalted raw nuts are milk-stimulating foods. In addition to that, they contain proteins, healthy unsaturated oils, and omega-3s, which are beneficial for the development of the child’s brain and nervous system. So eat a handful of different nuts as a simple snack during the day, especially almonds and nuts.

3. Green leafy vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are one of the most milk-producing things. They contain high levels of folic acid that are important to you and your child. Besides, it is an essential source of phytoestrogen, which increases breast milk and helps in breastfeeding. It is a good source of calcium, iron, and vitamin A and K. Among these vegetables: spinach, watercress, dill, chard, green cabbage, molokhia, parsley, lettuce, and broccoli. 

 4. Apricots:

Apricots contain the amino acid tryptophan. Which makes it the most common type of fruit that stimulates the body to produce the milk hormone, and increases the amount of breast milk. In addition to dates, natural grains, and dried fruits in general, it helps to generate milk.

 5. Carrots, potatoes, and beets: 

The carrots contain phytoestrogen, as well as being rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A. These are components that the mother needs during lactation. Therefore, carrots are very beneficial vegetables for a nursing mother, especially carrot juice, which improves milk production. Both potatoes and beets contain a very high iron content, which is very important for your baby, to protect your infant from anemia and to increase breast milk.

 6. Proteins:

The feeding of the breastfeeding mother should not be free of proteins, because the lack of protein affects milk. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers must eat a sufficient amount of protein. These can be found in poultry, milk, and its derivatives, eggs, liver, and meat of all kinds. That helps and stimulates milk production in the breast of the mother. In addition to seafood, especially salmon, because it contains essential fatty acids and omega-3, which helps produce the hormones necessary for milk production. 

 7. Natural herbs:

These herbs are among the best milk generators, and it is recommended for the breastfeeding mother who wants to increase the amount of her milk. Among these herbs are cumin, caraway, anise, basil, fenugreek, mint, fennel, barley, turmeric, and chamomile.

 8. Nigella sativa:

Nigella sativa helps to produce milk significantly in the mother. If she consumed it by one teaspoon per day, in addition to that, it is an important food source for the mother and child. Because it strengthens the immune system and contains arginine acid, which is very necessary for the growth of the child. It can be added with honey to a cup of yogurt and eaten at breakfast or dinner. As honey also have benefits in increasing breast milk and working to produce it.

9. Yeast: 

One of the things that most yields milk is baking yeast. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are useful for breastfeeding mothers. As it helps to increase energy and generate more breast milk. 

10. Legumes:

 Legumes such as yellow lentils and chickpeas contain the beneficial fibers of the mother and child. This leads to an increase in breast milk. In addition to that, chickpeas also increase the production of milk, because it contains the amino acid tryptophan, which stimulates the production of the milk hormone. So it is an ideal food to increase the generation of breast milk. But follow the symptoms that appear on your child, some children get gas from the legumes eaten by the nursing mother.

 11. Salmon:

 It is considered an ideal food, as it is one of the best foods that help breastfeeding. In addition to the protection and prevention of postpartum depression.

 12. Dairy products:

You should eat low-fat dairy products, whether in milk or cheese because it is one of the basics of breastfeeding. It works to provide protein, vitamins, and calcium, so your diet should include 3 cups of milk per day.

 13. Berries:

Lactating mothers should eat berries, even in the form of juice. As it is an anti-oxidant fruit, as it contains vitamins and minerals and gives you a healthy dose of carbohydrates to conserve energy.

14. Brown Rice:

You can also eat brown rice. It helps your body provide calories, which gives you the energy to produce the best quality milk for your child later, and it also helps to lose weight. 

15. Oranges and tangerines:

 You should eat oranges, as it gives you and provides you with vitamin C, which is very useful for breastfeeding. It also supports you with calcium. 

16. Eggs:

Egg yolk is very important, as it is one of the few foods that contain vitamin D. It also works to provide you with protein and increase the level of essential fatty acid in breast milk, and you can eat it boiled or in omelets.

17. Whole Grains:

Folic acid is a vital acid found in breast milk, so it is found in whole grains, bread, and pasta, and it also gives you a healthy dose of fiber and iron. Whole grains are essential materials to help you meet your daily needs, they also support you with vitamins, and you can eat them with milk.

18. Fenugreek and natural juices:

Breastfeeding mothers are more likely to dehydrate than others. They must consume water frequently and fresh juice, whether local or non-local, and milk and stay away from coffee, tea, and products that contain caffeine.

If you have suggestions about Good foods to eat while breastfeeding to increase breast milk supply for mothers, please let us know.

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