Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure?

Sucking milk from a woman’s breasts is, for some couples, part of their sexual ritual but Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure?


There are erotic experiences that come into our lives by chance. Ideas that may not have crossed our minds, but which, when they arise, awaken feelings that surprise us. This is the case of the well-known sex blogger Venus O’Hara, who tells how years ago, due to confusion with contraceptive treatments, one night while she was watching television she felt that she had a massive stain on her breasts, you can say like breastmilk. To her surprise, her partner at the time, instead of being surprised, began to lick her erotically. He began to sucking my breasts. It was very strange because I didn’t know what was happening to me, but he was very excited. I guess what I liked was to see that there was nothing about my body that disgusted him, but that he was delighted, and it was something I thought was even beautiful.


What Venus O’Hara experienced, without looking for it, was an adult breastfeeding relationship, and also called erotic breastfeeding. That is a sexual practice in which one partner sucks on the other’s breast, looking for breast milk.


Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure?

No doubt it’s another way of seeking pleasure In your partner, related with an erotic part of the woman such as the females breasts, with a connotation associated with breastfeeding, Explains Ana Sierra, a psychologist and sex therapist. It’s not a new trend, but a practice that seems to have always existed and is even engraved in our collective imagination, through films like Bigas Luna’s The Boob and the Moon.

Does breastfeeding to your husband - boyfriend give pleasure

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Let’s see Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure?

The explanation lies not only in the idea of the fetish but above all in the generation of bonds between the couple. Beyond the “skin to skin” moment, it should be noted that during breastfeeding, mother and baby secrete a greater amount of oxytocin, the love hormone, which strengthens the emotional bond between the two. That’s why “some couples explain that this bond is also strengthened in erotic breastfeeding,” says the expert. Besides, Sierra stresses that “breast milk also makes children, when they suck, then fall asleep, because substances are released that help them calm down, so these effects are also those sought in erotic breastfeeding, although it must be understood that you do not ingest the same amount of milk as a baby.


Likewise, the sexologist thinks that it is also a role-play, like the doctor and the patient, but with a greater emotionality.  Some person eager to find a little different in sexual relationships with their partner and some person looks for the erotic factor, but also some people look for that intimate bond with another person. In fact, it can even be an orgasmic practice, because the orgasm depends many times more on the sensations that are generated in our mind, than on the rubbing of the genitals.


Memories of childhood

One of the most striking cases of an adult breastfeeding relationship is that of a woman who left her job to breastfeed her 36-year-old boyfriend. But despite what one may think, this is not a practice that only occurs in heterosexual couples, “but also between women, sucking or stimulating, even if you don’t get that milk,” says Ana Sierra.


Perhaps one of the reasons is the memory we have of our childhood.  We have a sensitive  emotional memory and, even though we are not fully aware of it,  still there are a few people who sleep as they did in their mother’s womb, recalls the psychologist and sexologist, who says that erotic breastfeeding “also causes a feeling of protection. You may also like reading about Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep.


Really Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure? That doesn’t mean it’s an affective deficiency, but simply that “we connect with very primary sensations, with our basic need for attachment, for care. In this sense, Sierra points out that “everything that goes outside the norm, we usually blame on trauma or disorder, but it doesn’t have to be like that, because obtaining pleasure with the mouth is something common, which we do every day when we eat, kiss or smoke”.


Another idea is that of pure morbidity. It should not be forgotten that in a sexual relationship, what is produced is an exchange of fluids, since, as the sexologist points out, “there is a more erotic sensation in terms of the fusion of the couple, which also makes more intense practices such as cunnilingus or fellatio”, and in this case, something similar would happen, since “it is like feeding on the other person”.


Can you produce milk without giving birth?

Another doubt that this sexual practice presents is if it occurs only in those people who are breastfeeding a baby and who, by the way, also breastfeed their partner, or if it is possible to provoke the secretion of breast milk for the same. In this regard, the gynecologist at the Quirón University Hospital in Madrid, Gema Garcia, notes that “one thing is to have galactorrhea or milk secretion in one or both breasts, secondarily by an increase in blood prolactin, and another to stimulate breastfeeding without having been pregnant. At this point, gynecologist Gema Garcia clarifies that there may be “a nipple discharge that is not considered breastfeeding as such. This is because there is an increase in prolactin in our body, the hormone that stimulates milk secretion, even if we have not been pregnant. Thus, Garcia clarifies that “in situations such as taking some drugs can be high production, leading to the secretion by the nipple.


The sexologist Ana Sierra explains that in the case of wanting to induce breastfeeding, it is not a simple process and, we must understand that it involves risks, such as possible mastitis, as well as hormonal changes that we must take into account. However, if it is our goal, it is true that “it can be done through pharmacology, but supporting the manual extraction or even that the couple suck the breastmilk or with a breastmilk pump over the time, to help stimulate the process. If we don’t want to take any drugs, Sierra adds that there are people who choose to try phytotherapy, since there are plants that seem to stimulate milk production.

  • Some couples have opted for erotic breastfeeding not only for a sexual issue but to produce breast milk that can help their partner’s immune system, in the case that this one, for example, is going through cancer. The idea comes from some studies, such as this one from the University of Lund in Sweden, which claims that some of the proteins in breast milk are lethal to tumor cells. If you have any suggestions regarding to Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure? or you have any experience, please share your thought with other readers.

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