Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep

Breastfeeding a husband is, as the name suggests, also called adult care or ANR (adult care relationship). In this article we will discuss about Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep. If it is not just once, it will be a process that requires mutual understanding, passion for breastfeeding, willingness, and support from the couple.

Although many Muslims think that breastfeeding or nursing to husband is Haram in Islam. Some says it’s okay but it’s better as a Muslim you should avoid it. Or you should research about it deeply according to Quran and hadith in Islam before you follow this story.

It depends on the stage the woman is at. If she is already breastfeeding and has a child, it is recommended to breastfeed the child first, and the rest can be given to the husband. This will help to maintain the supply of breast milk as breastfeeding is a process that is in short supply.

Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep

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If you are expecting a baby, then it is not recommended for you that you irritate your nipples in the late stages of pregnancy, as this is known to trigger contractions and cause complications. (There are some medical reasons for this issue that some people disagree with, so they don’t want to go into it). Consult a gynecologist if necessary).

The issue was that she had not had a child, had not been pregnant. This is where an induced lactation protector comes into play. There is no need to get pregnant a women to be able to breastfeed or produce breast milk. This is due to the production of the hormones prolactin and oxytocin.

However, pregnancy stimulates the production of prolactin and oxytocin. In order to breastfeed without becoming pregnant, the brain should, be allowed to produce the above-mentioned hormones. It may helps you that When does breast milk come in during pregnancy?

This can be done in different ways, i) by hormone therapy (which has certain side effects, but the effects are noticeable), and ii) by taking herbal supplements and stimulating the nipples (this process does not seem to have any side effects, several women have tried it, but the effects take a lot of effort and time).

How do I breastfeed my husband? 

Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep

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How do you nurse your husband?

Let me first say this: Nursing and breastfeeding of adults, in general, is not really suitable for everyone. Some people might even be repulsed by the idea. However, if you behave as if you would normally think a little about looking for it in your husband, you should make sure that you follow these six breastfeeding methods.

What does it feel like to breastfeed?

  1. Make it a new special occasion: breastfeeding your husband or friend is a great, incredibly intimate, and exclusive event. However, if a man does something with your husband every night, he can quickly lose his attraction to both. Don’t try to fix your man regularly, but try to divide him up and make it a special occasion by making new ones only a few times a week.
  2. Make sure that both are clean. I can’t believe I’m saying this right now! But even in 2019, some people don’t take their special hygiene and relationship well-being seriously. Before you start breastfeeding your husband, make sure that both are clean and free of STDs.
  3. Try to curse: If you are really trying to improve the feeling you are giving your current man while you are breastfeeding him, why don’t you try to say unclean words at the same time as you are breastfeeding him? A person does not have to say anything completely impertinent. The easiest way to say unclean things during breastfeeding is to describe directly what he looks like to your husband.
  4. You can describe things like: That you feel so good”, perhaps with the words “I love the way a person sucks on your nipples” or even “You are definitely turning me on right now by sucking on my breasts.” That’s all. When you feel more comfortable, you can start to deepen what I have told you.
  5. The timing is perfect: if the man is lying on your lap while sucking on your breast, the person will start giving him new masturbation at the same time, a perfect position. Similarly, if you insult your pet, you do not want to do anything superior. Ideally, you want the woman to ejaculate after the woman has finished sucking your breasts.
  6. Ensuring the interchangeability. While breastfeeding, your husband is generally an act of mutual intercourse, and it can be something that your husband enjoys much more than you do. If this sounds like it, then do accordingly and do what is healthy for you.

What I am trying to say here is that if a person is sitting right now and is looking forward to it being over, maybe I can tell you about it later. Or maybe you have “that position” that a person really likes.

Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep

When I was expecting my 2nd baby, my husband’s libido was always high, and we had active relationship until the last month of pregnancy. You may also like to ready about Till which month sex is safe in pregnancy. Here i will reveal my Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep.

Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep

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After the birth, my vagina was devastated because the baby was so big that I had to sew up the wound, and we were not allowed to make relationship for seven weeks. I satisfy him by giving him a blow job or masturbating whenever I can, but he is also a beautiful daddy, so we both concentrate mainly on the little boy.

Two weeks after the birth I felt really uncomfortable, my body felt very uncomfortable, my breasts were swollen, and I want to go my husband, but because of the milk, it was very sticky and always uncomfortable, every time I habitually think a little bit about the baby I immediately stop.

One night after the newborn fell asleep, and my milk was still full and uncomfortable, I moved on in bed, my man asked me what was wrong, I said chu, I took off my top and tried to let the uncomfortable breasts breathe.
Immediately the husband was aroused, and he kept staring at my breasts and swallowing.

Do you want to try it? I asked my husband to taste my milk after the baby was born. He said he wasn’t interested and said he was saving it for the newborn baby. But I told him that my milk was overflowing, and I said that sometimes I had to go to the toilet to give milk like a cow.

Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep

After a few weeks, we went to bed and cuddled up to my breast together with him. During foreplay, he always put his hands and fingers on my breasts and nipples, but this time it was different. His foreplay always started with him kissing me on the lips, but that night he started kissing me between my breasts, and his kisses moved to my breasts as well. I pulled down my nightgown and offered him my breasts.

This is not foreplay. He kissed and rummaged around my breasts and finally led my nipples to his mouth and sucked until they really hurt a little. I pulled my breast away, and changed breastfeeding position, and offered him my other breast.

He’s a chauvinist, and he’s undoubtedly the dominant force in our marriage. I found this new interest in his breasts deeply satisfying; for the first time in our marriage, he showed a submissive behavior that I liked.

The next night was the same, and in just a few days, we formed new habits. Probably because of this additional breast stimulation, my milk came right after our little girl was born. I had much better contractions than our first baby, but I was still tired and grumpy, and after four days, I was back home. He took two weeks off to help me, which was great.

On the third or fourth night at home, when we left the bed for the first time, the newborn was already asleep, and the husband was pacing strangely. When I was tired and could not think straight, I said, “Does the baby need a mommy? I immediately regretted saying that because he seemed so naked at the time, but in fact, it was exactly what he wanted. He sat down next to me, and I gestured that he should sit down, then pulled the robe to the side and offered him abreast.

He grabbed, sucked, and my cathartic reflex kicked in. Surprised by the amount of milk, he threw up briefly but then got into a rhythm of sucking and swallowing.
I let him milk for a while and then moved him to my other breast. So every time the little girl that comes out is full and satisfied and sleeps again, I breastfeed the big baby too.

If you have your Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep story, share with us we will happy to publish it.

Some ANR relationships are pure dry suckers, but for us, it was very important that I was able to lactate. My husband wants wet milk, and I find that more satisfying for me. There is nothing better than if you come home after a hard day, and having him lying on my lap, cuddled up to me while he sucks my breast. It was an incredibly sensual experience that relaxed us and connected us in a way that is not even possible making love. The resulting intimacy is wonderful.

It’s really funny to Breastfeeding-nursing my husband experience to sleep, my baby is five months old, and every night my husband drinks my extra milk because I still produce a lot of it for our baby.


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