Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe?

My husband wants me to breastfeed him, is that okay? Is breastfeeding a grown man an anomaly or a benefit? Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe? There are lots of questions like above, many men and women want to know.

Husbands drink breast milk from wife’s breast, is there any benefit? This is the medical expert’s explanation

Breastfeeding a baby is a very rewarding experience. However, there are unique things during the breastfeeding process, for example a husband who suddenly also wants to feel the milk. Does breastfeeding to your husband – boyfriend give pleasure? Then what is the opinion of experts about mother’s breastfeeding the father of their baby?

Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe

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An unnamed breastfeeding mother shared her experience of her breastfeeding husband  after baby wanting to be breastfed.

Then, the sentence: “My husband wants me to breastfeed

was a phrase that was frequently searched on Google after this woman’s confession.

Corky Harvey, founder of the Breast Pumping and Nursing Station in Santa Monica, CA, said that when she asked breastfeeding mothers if their husbands had tried breastfeeding them after baby, two women said they had heard of a friend getting this request from their husband and they are curious to know Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe? 

I think a lot of men just feel curious about how breast milk tastes. In addition, men also suck their nipples during play with their breastfeeding wife, at that time they may accidentally swallow breast milk.


Some moms as well as dads are curious about the taste of breast milk. Some try a drop of spilled milk; others prefer to taste it from the chest.

Breast milk tastes very different from cow milk, which is more familiar to adults. After the first tasting, Daddy usually says that he didn’t like it very much, unfamiliar.

Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe?

It may seems unusual, but breastfeeding husband after baby can thus help his wife during the breastfeeding period.

It happens that the mother’s breast is very heavily poured and it feels like the breast is petrified and the child has no time to suck out the milk.

Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe

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It happens that neither hands, nor hand or electric breast pumps can cope with this. And that’s where the husband can help. If the wife doesn’t mind, the man can try to suck the milk out and help her.

Not only many women, but also many men clearly disapprove of breastfeeding a grown man. For women, breastfeeding is also a time that they can spend in close contact with their child and get closer to him more and more.

These are moments that they want to keep for themselves, and the idea of breastfeeding a grown man seems perverse to them. Men are usually against sucking milk from their chest because they think it belongs to their child. In addition, women want to continue to perceive their husbands as partners that they have nothing to do with breastfeeding a man.

Cases of adult male breastfeeding have been known since ancient times.

There is an example described under the title “Roman charity”. It tells of a man sentenced to death by starvation. However, in prison, this man was accompanied by his daughter, who secretly fed him from his chest to survive. As soon as this became known to the judge, it caused such surprise that the man was acquitted and released. This story later inspired many artists. Breast-feeding of an adult man is a frequent phenomenon and a very intimate matter that is not publicly discussed.

Some men are interested in breastfeeding, but most women in the first weeks after delivery are mainly focused on their child, and intimacy with their partner is usually embarrassing.

Some men are excited about breastfeeding and thus want to diversify their relationship lives. In this situation, a woman should be inclined to do the same. But if one partner is against it and the other insists, it can lead to a crisis in the relationship.

Ideally, a mother should breastfeed her child for up to one year or at least until he or she is 6 months old. Then continue breastfeeding until the child is two years old, after switching to child nutrition. These are recommendations from the World Health Organization.

When it comes to breastfeeding your man, the reason is important.

If your partner will only help with the pain caused by breast thickening due to excess milk, and if you both agree with this and feel that it will bring you relief, try.

Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe?

Here are 11 benefits for the wife.

Is there any benefit for Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, to drink breast milk from his wife’s breast?

It turns out that breastfeeding your husband can be more beneficial than just treating curiosity.

If the breastmilk gets stuck in the breast, it’s very painful, and sometimes the baby can’t get it out and the pump can’t get it out either. Just because the men’s force of sucking is stronger, husbands often succeed in clearing the blockages form the nipples. However, fathers’ fully grown teeth sometimes make this a little tricky.

Lactation experts and OBGYN were not too surprised to hear about the habit of mother’s breastfeeding their child’s father.

If you put a female who is breastfeeding with her partner and then they have intercourse, it will occur. Besides, there are no harmful consequences when doing such activity, it occurs naturally.

How is the law of a father to drink breast milk from his wife’s breast in Islam?

The habit of a father drinking breast milk from his wife’s breast is considered prohibited in Indonesia. However, it is possible that the husband breastfeed after baby accidentally drinks breast milk while having relationship with his wife who is still breastfeeding.

Ibn Qudamah in his book al-Mughni, said that a husband who drinks the wife’s breast milk does not make him a mahram for his wife or a brother’s sister to the child. Because the law on sisterhood only applies if the child who is breastfeeding is under 2 years of age. This opinion is supported by the majority of jurisprudence experts.

Hopefully this information about Breastfeeding Husband after Baby, is it beneficial and safe? is useful and can be addressed wisely.

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