What is Breastfeedingmy about?

The breastfeedingmy platform is an online guide where you can read relevant topics about breastfeeding newborn, childcare, pregnancy and baby. The site is designed to show you the way, answer all your questions about getting pregnant, breastfeeding, health, rights, birth and living with your newborn. What should I do to make it work? What if my body does not cooperate? What medical options are there? How do I manage household and work with baby? We leave no questions unanswered.

Who do we talk to?

We want to address couples who strive for family happiness. Parents who are able to master the first year with their baby. Our target group includes several generations, such as siblings and grandparents, who play an important role in the support of breastfeeding and development of the little ones. Those we do not want to leave out are single parents and same-sex couples, who are equally affected by the subject of babies.

What can you expect?

We want to build a community that shares the same interests and everyday situations. You can expect articles that provide factual information and where experts have their say. You can expect entertainment that is covered by videos, checklists, fertility calendars, first name searches and other services. You can get this variety no matter when or where. Do you travel a lot and use your cell phone a lot? Our platform is mobile-friendly, modern, clearly laid out and easy to use.

On Breastfeedingmy.com you gain new knowledge and can expand existing knowledge. With our free newsletters you also receive current topics and are accompanied during pregnancy and breastfeeding and living together with your baby.

How was the idea for this breastfeeding platform born?

We know that there are many sites for families where, among other things, the topics desire for breastfeeding, children, pregnancy and baby are discussed. But we wanted to stand out by focusing specifically on breastfeeding after the desire for a child before family life begins and the exciting time with the baby. Namely when the newborn is developing, the first time it crawls, the period when it develops into a toddler.

In months of work, where we put our heads together, discussed many opinions, made many changes with patience and sweat, until in the end a user-friendly, peppy online guide was created. And the work has only just begun.

What do we want with the platform, Our Aim?

We want to guide our readers: We want to gently introduce newcomers to the baby theme, convey basic knowledge and eliminate any ambiguities in order to give them confidence.

We want to show parents who have mastered the basics of having a baby the topics from other perspectives. We want to point out problems without scaring them, give tips and solutions and show the beautiful sides of this natural wonder. Our readers should feel welcome.