5 Breastfeeding Positions: Things to do before breastfeeding

You may need to try a few breastfeeding positions before you find the one that best suits you and your baby. Just have a look at 5 Breastfeeding Positions: Things to do before breastfeeding.

5 Breastfeeding Positions: Things to do before breastfeeding

There is no right or wrong way to keep and breastfeed your baby and each mother-baby couple will find their favorite position. Most importantly, you both feel comfortable. Knowing a few different breastfeeding positions and techniques can, however, be helpful, because flexibility is often required in everyday life, especially when your baby grows up and you are often out and about.

Regardless of which breastfeeding position you choose, form 5 Breastfeeding Positions: Things to do before breastfeeding you should note the following:

  • Before you start breastfeeding, you should have everything you need at hand: for example, something to drink and eat, your smartphone, the remote control for the TV, a book, or a magazine. And don’t forget to go to the bathroom beforehand – it may take some time before you can get up again!
  • Make sure your baby is comfortable. No matter which position you use: Your baby should be stable and well supported its head, neck and spine must not be twisted.
  • You should also take a relaxed and comfortable posture. Use pads, pillows, or rolled towels to support your back or arms when needed.
  • Check that your baby is correctly capturing the nipple. This is very important so that breastfeeding is comfortable.
  • If your baby has trouble catching your nipple or your nipples become sore from breastfeeding, get help from a doctor, midwife, or breastfeeding consultant. They can also show you how to support your baby so that breastfeeding is more comfortable for you.

5 Breastfeeding Positions: Things to do before breastfeeding

Here are the 5 easy breastfeeding positions for you. You may also like to read Best nursing breastfeeding positions for newborn baby

1: Breastfeeding on your back or leaning back

Supine breastfeeding, also known as “intuitive breastfeeding”, 1 is usually the first position that mothers try. If your baby is placed on your breast or stomach immediately after birth, it will – if everything is OK – instinctively work its way up to one of your breasts and try to grasp the nipple – this phenomenon is also called a “breast crawl” designated. Skin contact stimulates his breastfeeding instinct, while gravity helps him grasp your nipple and hold it in place.

5 Breastfeeding Positions Things to do before breastfeeding

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But supine breastfeeding is not just for newborns – it can work well for babies of all ages. It can be particularly useful if your baby is having difficulty grasping the nipple in other positions. When he doesn’t want to touch his head while breastfeeding when you have a strong milk donor reflex. It took me a few weeks to understand that I can decide for myself in which position to breastfeed. Ultimately, I mainly breastfeed while lying down and my baby was lying on my stomach. ”

It is probably more comfortable for you if you lean your upper body back slightly than if you lie flat on your back. Use pads and pillows to support you so you can see your baby.


2: Weighing Breastfeeding Position

5 Breastfeeding Positions Things to do before breastfeeding

This is the classic attitude we imagine when we think of breastfeeding. You sit upright, your baby is lying on its side. His head and neck area on your forearm and his body are close to your body, belly to belly. 3rd Although this is a very popular position, it is not always easy to use with a newborn because it does not support your baby as well as it does in other positions. Taking a nursing pillow or cushion in the back on your lap as a support for your baby. You may have a better grip and not strain your back and shoulders as much. If you are using a nursing pillow, make sure your baby is not too high – your breasts should stay at their natural height to avoid sore nipples or a tense sucking position.

3: Cross pose Position

It’s similar to posture, but your arms switch roles so your baby’s body lies along your opposite forearm. 3 The goal is to support your baby around the neck and shoulders to allow him to tilt his head before he grasps the nipple. This is a very good posture to breastfeed a newborn, and it is also ideal for small babies and those who have difficulty grasping the nipple. Since your baby is fully supported by your opposite arm, and use your free hand to shape your breast.

5 Breastfeeding Positions Things to do before breastfeeding

Julie, a mother of two children from Great Britain, likes the flexibility in this position: “I usually breastfeed my newborn in the cross position. So I have one hand free to take care of my toddler. ”

You should not hold your newborn by the head for the first a few days as this possibly will press his chin onto his chest. This, in turn, could result in your nipple being catch too flat (your nipple thus touching the base of your tongue rather than the roof of your mouth) and you could get sore nipples. The older your baby gets, the easier this technique becomes, and you can support your baby’s head with your hand (as seen in our picture above).


4: Back posture Breastfeeding Position

5 Breastfeeding Positions Things to do before breastfeeding

In this posture (also known as a football posture or a back grip) you sit while your baby is lying next to your forearm. His body hugs your side, his feet point to the back of the chair, or whatever you are sitting on. 3 This is another useful standstill for the first time because your baby is optimally supported while you remain largely in control and can see his face well. Because you keep your baby very close to your body, it also feels particularly safe. Mothers, who have given birth through a cesarean section, have twins or whose babies were born prematurely, as well as mothers with larger breasts will also enjoy this attitude.

5: Lateral position

5 Breastfeeding Positions Things to do before breastfeeding

The side position is ideal for relaxed breastfeeding at night or during the day in bed or on the sofa and can also be more comfortable than breastfeeding while sitting if you had a cesarean section or were sewn. 3 You and your baby lie side by side, stomach to stomach. Let us know your comments on 5 Breastfeeding Positions: Things to do before breastfeeding. You may tell us your best breastfeeding position by comment or e-mail.


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